Important MineShift // Season 2 Annoucement

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    We are happy to finally announce MineShift Skyblock Season #2!

    We have been hard at work trying to make sure this is the best season yet. We have made many front end and backend improvements to the server to make sure your gameplay is the best it can be. We have also cleaned up existing features to make them even better.

    Now onto the details

    Q: When will the server be releasing?
    A: Season 2 will be launching May 11th at 1 PM CST.

    Q: Will there be a sale?

    A: Yes there will be we will have a 80% sale on release.

    Q: What version is the server?
    A: We will be running 1.8.8 with support up to 1.14

    We hope to see you all there on release and if you have any more questions be sure to join our discord!



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Save, Apr 30, 2019.

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