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  1. FIadv1546781538.jpg In this thread you can view the number of levels each value block will give to your island. I have only included the main blocks in this thread; if you have any queries about other blocks feel free to contact me through forums, Discord or in-game.

    Beacon - 1 level
    Block of Coal - 0.09 level
    Block of Diamond - 3 levels
    Block of Emerald - 1.5 levels
    Enchantment Table - 1.5 levels
    Ender Chest - 1.5 levels
    Block of Gold - 1.5 levels
    Block of Iron - 0.1 levels
    Block of Lapis - 0.1 levels
    Obsidian - 0.1 levels
    Block of Purpur - 0.01 levels
    Block of Quartz - 0.01 levels
    Block of Redstone - 0.1 levels

    I hope this helped you. As mentioned above, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact me.
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