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    Hello everyone! My name is Ben, also known as iLenz. This is my introduction, I hope you enjoy some of these facts about me!

    ↬ I'm apart of the Senior Rules Enforcement and Content & Updates teams!
    ↬ My staff rank is Senior Moderator. I was recruited as a Helper.
    ↬ My favourite song is Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.
    ↬ My favourite youtuber of all time is HelloXRyan.
    ↬ My favourite smiley face to use is "c:"
    ↬ I live in London.
    ↬ I'm gay c:
    ↬ I enjoy gaming.
    ↬ I study computer science in school.
    ↬ I don't have any pets but I would love a dog.
    ↬ History is probably my most favourite lesson in school.
    ↬ I've been playing Minecraft for so many years now and still love it.
    ↬ Those are all of my facts and I really hope that you like this weird layout!

    Thanks for reading! c:
  2. Lovely introduction Ben.
  3. Nice introduction lenz love it ;)

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