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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by IceSheep, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. > Minecraft Username: IceSheepYT
    > Current Age: 13
    > Discord tag (name#0000): Talksheep#1836
    > Why did you decide to apply for MineShift?: I really like skyblock. MineShift is a skyblock server! I'd like to help people on the server I love!
    > Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If so what are they?: I have my own little server. It is now going through downtime, but it'll be back soon!
    > What will you do to make MineShift a better environment for players?: I will make sure all questions asked by players will be answered as soon as possible!
    > What is special about you that you personally feel is your trait?: I'm a patient person that is mainly focused on making others happy and helping others. I'm very good at that! Always when others are happy, I will be happy aswell.
    > How long can you be on for a day?: I can be online every day for at least one and a half hour!
    > How long have you been playing MineShift?: I have been playing MineShift for at least 3 weeks now!
    > Have you ever been punished on MineShift? If so, why?: No. I have never been punished before. I will always stick to the rules on the server!
    > Anything else we should know?: I am also a good Java developer!

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