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  1. || Welcome to General Discussion!
    This section of our forums is for you guys to chat about the different gamemodes on our server. If it is a global related thread, you can post it not in a sub-forum, so that it is below these set of sticky threads.

    || Do we have to follow any rules/guidelines?:
    Please make sure that you follow the rules when using this section of the forums, as of any section of the forums. We want to make sure this section mostly is clean and safe for our community to read. This section will represent a big part of our server, and we want it to be as important and reliable as it can be.

    || What can I find in general discussion?
    Some information that can be found in this discussion section on our forums is staff statuses, community made threads and much, much more. Guides for each Gamemode can also be found here, including basic commands to help get newcomers of the allocated Gamemode started and a brief description of what the Gamemode has to offer and how it works. The global section offers a run through of how our forums works, how to use them and some important links that can be found on the forums.

    || What can I post here?:
    Any post related to discussing MineShift in-game experiences as a whole belong here. This includes discussing server gamemodes, bragging about new server milestones, talking about the allowed modifications, hyping the server, and other related topics.

    || A brief conclusion.
    As said above, make sure you are respectful to others and follow the rules at all time. We take disrespect towards other players of the community very seriously, so please be mature towards others when posting anywhere on the forums.​
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