|| January Announcement

|| Introduction
Hello hello all! First of all, I hope everyone is having a great 2019 so far. As many of you know, MineShift released earlier this month, and we cannot thank you all enough for the support. Whether that was from suggestions, bug Reports, feedback in-game etc., it is all massively appreciated by myself and the rest of the team.

|| Staff Changes
To begin the January announcement, I’ll first be listing the staff changes that have occurred during January 2019/Late December 2018.
iLenz | Moderator > Sr.Mod
Fletic | Member > Helper > Member
_Jot | Member > Helper
Commissioned | Member > Helper > Moderator
FrostedBlizzard | Helper > Member
BennyPlayzz | Member > Developer
Dissappointing | Moderator > Member

|| New Features

You can obtain mobcoins in game by killing specific hostile mobs. You can view these percentage chances by hovering over the book in the MobCoin GUI. You can access this GUI by using the command /mobcoins.
You can purchase exclusive items such as ranks, hoppers etc.

Sell Wands
Sell Wands are an upcoming feature that is soon to released, which is designed to allow an easier gameplay within the Selling aspect of SkyBlock.

Sell Wand pricing matches the current /shop economy, and allows you to skip the whole process of right clicking and left clicking different shop categories in order to sell one stack of blaze rods. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to create a suggestion on our website.

Crop Hoppers
Crop Hoppers can now be obtained within crates. These allow cacti only to be collected...