User tumbnail Posted by: stoolbend New Stats for Survival

Greetings everybody!If you are a regular to the Survival Server (or Classic as its sometimes called) then this new feature is for you! Due to recent problems with the [Veteran] rank, I had to reset all its holders, so now nobody holds it. Apologies to all those of you who have genuinely played over 120 hours of game time. However, its now up for grabs to every single [Member]. All you need to do now is just spend 120 hours in game.And now for the new feature after all that blurb... You can keep up to speed with who will become the first Veteran by looking at our stats page for Mineshift Classic. This is available here: click or copy that URL into your browsers address bar.Try not to break it please :)Stay safe,- Stoolbend[Survival Manager]

Date posted: 3/23/2013 11:16:00 PM Utc

User tumbnail Posted by: flower__v Creative server now in Beta!

Hey there! Flower here with some great news! As you all knew, mineshift is expanding in different servers, one of these is the creative. I am happy to announce that the creative server is nearing completion for you guys to visit.
However, the only way to be able to build in it is if you are an Architect or a Mineshiftian! This is because we want the server to be a quality build server and only allow people in that can actually build and dont break the landscape and make noob towers/blocks everywhere. You can gain the architect rank by building on the survival server.  
If you prove that you can work with the landscape and are creative and patient with your buildings, you may get architect and get acces!

heres some tips to get architect:
-Work with your landscape, dont flatten it.  
-A building is not just a square. be creative and do some research. use varying materials.
-Be patient and dont rush your buildings.  

Another way to gain acces to the Creative server at the moment, is to buy yourself Mineshiftian. This will give you acces to the creative. give you perks on both our survival and pvp server (not open yet) and they get you numerous powers. More info can be found in our donator section. You can visit the server as a guest whenever you want when we open it to look at our buildings and projects whenever you want!  

However this can change in the future since were thinking of other ways to obtain the architect rank. (watch out, these are not implemented yet and it may take some time to get it to work)  
-By applying on the forums  
-By winning a building contests.  
Heres some sneak preview pictures.  

Date posted: 3/2/2013 10:45:30 PM Utc